The Chronicles Of Auberon

Episode 9 - What's it gonna be?

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  • Rikkert the acting Constable has the party investigating the murder of the most despised man in town, Ricardo Dooain.
  • The party meets a shadowy figure that reveals himself to be a half-elf called Wallace in the sewers of Duncaster, who is both suspicious and forthcoming with evidence leading to the murder of Mr. Dooain.
  • Grisham convinces Wallace to take his Murder Ring.
  • After interviewing several townsfolk (and pushing down an old lady), the party struggles to find the Killer and a decision is forced upon them.
  • Feeling a pang of compassion? Venator persuades the Weaponsmith to flee the town in the night – providing her with one of the party’s horses without their knowledge.
  • At daybreak no conclusion is made and the constable is tragically killed in an altercation between Canthereon and Wallace.
  • The townsfolk swarm Wallace, forcing him to stretch his neck for the gallows. As the rope pulls tight and the floor drops, he vanishes in a shadowy cloud with a smile at our adventuring companions.
  • Tensions amongst the party have risen, and moral compasses are left in question!

Next Time On Dragonball Z!… (sorry)

- The next session will not be on Tuesday, but instead, sometime between Wednesday and Friday. And it is going to be a One-Shot Halloween Episode! (that has nothing to do with the main campaign). We hope to see you there!


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